No Internet, No Worries

So as you may have gathered, I live in a small home and it is WAY off the road. When we first moved into this house my husband called the local internet provider to get an estimate for putting in a DSL cable. When Kyle told him how far off the road we were the man hung up!

We love living far off the road, but no internet was a big adjustment for us. We didn’t have smart phones at first, so when we got home … we were home. No way to look up information. No way to check emails. Then I signed up for an online masters program. ONLINE. What was I thinking? I don’t have the internet at home. How can I possibly do that?

We got smartphones. Now its a little better. We can access the internet easily from home, but we hate to use all of our data sitting in the living room. We still worry some about the amount of internet we use at home, but its been nice.

Without the internet we have more time for one another. We are able to talk more, read more, and focus on the more important things in life. It has been nice not having the internet (but online school for both of us made for many visits to the public library and my parent’s house).


I no longer stress about whether I checked my personal email this week (cause I may go awhile). I know God has my best interests at heart and will take care of my needs. I no longer think about if I posted on the blog often enough. He cares for me. I no longer worry about what facebook, instagram, or twitter say about me. No internet, No worries.

I can survive. Can you?



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