In third grade we teach measurement to the nearest 1/4, 1/2, and whole inch. This is always fun with students who are not so coordinated with their hands and small objects, BUT we try our hardest. I finished updating my openings (which of course are on the SMARTboard) and have put them on TpT for FREE so grab them here and leave some feedback (I like constructive criticism).

Measure 1 measure 2

Teaching measurement can be fun! We talk about the height of each student in the class (yes we measure them…Line Plots, hello?) and who is taller or shorter. Eventually a student asks why they are short (or tall). The answer is simple…because God made you that way.

As a student who was always the tallest kid in class (I’m 6 feet tall) I understand this question all to well. “Mom, why am I so much taller than everyone else?” Sometimes her answer was simple. “Well your dad and I are tall.” But the more I asked this question the deeper her answers got, or maybe the more mature I got.




Eight year old students may not get it, but they were knit together in their mothers womb. They were fearfully and wonderfully made. And each student is God’s masterpiece.



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