Cleaning Out My House

Every year after Christmas we purge throughout the entire house. We go through all of the closets, drawers, cabinets, and baskets to determine what can and what cannot be thrown out. It is a long process, but when the house is organized and neat it is so worth it.

This year’s pile is MASSIVE! My husband keeps everything (and won’t let me purge as much as I would like to) and I do crafts (you never know what you may need), SO we have an abundance of stuff. This would be great if we lived in a house with 4 or 5 bedrooms and a full basement. My tiny 5 room house will not hold all of the extras. There are only 3 closets in the entire house (one is the tiniest coat closet you have ever seen), so organization is a must.

As I continue this purge (especially of clothing) I am reminded of how blessed I am. God has given us the means to provide and fill (to the MAX) our home with anything and everything we could want. What some people wouldn’t do for the clean coffee canister (that I hold onto for who knows what reason) sitting in my spare bedroom (the benefits of no kids).

Thank you Lord for the gifts you continually give us and how we are able to share those gifts with others by donating them!



One thought on “Cleaning Out My House

  1. Its nice to see someone who can appreciate how lucky they are and be thankful , so many people are not . I can definitely understand house purging after xmas! We do that too! Unbelievable how much stuff can excumilate šŸ™‚


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