Teach Like a Pirate

Have you heard of this book?

Teach Like a Pirate

Teach Like a Pirate  by Dave Burgess is a SUPER easy read and very useful! By far one of the best education books I have read and has rejuvenated my spirit and love for teaching.

The second part of the book is full of questions which will encourage you to brainstorm new ideas to make your classroom and lessons more engaging, meaningful, and full of impact. From start to finish this 175 page book took me three days to finish (of course with breaks, but it really was a not stop-don’t put it down-gotta finish the book read). By the time I finished I was jumping out of my skin with ideas for lessons and crazy activities. My husband was probably sick of hearing me tell him so many new lesson ideas and trying to talk them out to make them more solid (and feasible). Lucky him I still had 5 days at home before returning to work from the holidays after finishing the book.

If you haven’t read this book PLEASE stop what you are doing and go get a copy (if your a teacher). My husband, who is a youth pastor, asked if I thought he could benefit from reading it and after I thought about it for a second I absolutely think he would. Youth pastors have to be engaging and motivate students to listen in a fun and inviting way, so YES youth pastors should read this too!



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