Returning to the Reason I Started

It hit me on New Years Day that I had forgotten my purpose for starting Shining the Light in Third Grade. In the summer of 2013 I began this blog with the hope of titling it Shining the Light. I didn’t want this to be specific to education, or home, or church, or anything. I wanted it to be about how Jesus is with me everywhere I go and in everything I do. It was supposed to be about Jesus shining His light through me with every action, word, and thought.

Somewhere along the way I lost sight of that and began to focus on random things. Books, lesson ideas, resources. The more I did those types of posts the more I compared my blog to other blogs. More specifically, educational blogs. Don’t get me wrong, those blogs are great and I read many of them, BUT they are not what I want my blog to be. The more I compared the blogs the more disappointed I was with my blog and now, well now I need to take a few steps back and figure some things out.

What do I want my blog to be?

I want to share how Jesus’ love for me (and you) has changed my life and seeps into every area of it. As a teacher, youth pastor’s wife, daughter, DIY-er, reader, and person my first calling is to be a child of God. I want my blog to reflect all of that!

With all of this being said Shining the Light in Third Grade needs to refocus. I need to refocus. Forgive me for my off task posts over the last few years and please stick with me while I press the reset button on this blog. Shining the Light in Third Grade will be still be here. I will still share education ideas, books, thoughts… BUT I must make sure that each post honors and glorifies the King of Kings.

After all, I just want to Shine His Light!


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