Goals Completed and Resolutions Made New

The year 2014 brought about the goal to read through the bible within the year. As a church, Atco Baptist Church wanted its members to read through the bible this year and I made that commitment. This challenge and beautiful decision led to a deeper understanding of God’s word, great discussions with my husband, and a love and desire to know my Lord even more. If you have never read through the bible (whether in a time frame or not) I encourage you to do so. If you want to see God in a new way consider challenging yourself to make that commitment this year.

I am planning to read through the bible again in 2015 but God has also placed a prayer commitment on my heart. For each week of 2015 I am going to add a special woman in my life to my prayer list. I will ask each person each week how I can pray for them. My husband has encouraged me to journal through this year and see how God transforms my prayer life and the lives of the women I commit to pray for. So if I text, email, Facebook, etc. asking for a way I can pray for you know that I am not trying to pry, gossip, judge, etc. but that I truly am committing to pray for you and your life.

At times this idea has completely overwhelmed me but I truly think this is what God is wanting of me. I know I may fail (as I shared with my husband tonight), but when I thought about what failing might look like it wasn’t that I wouldn’t think of 52 women to pray for or that I would forget to pray one day (which I know will happen inevitably). Failing would mean that a woman or multiple women would not want my prayers. Silly, right?

I hope this journey will bring me closer to God, lift women in my life up, and cause my friendships to become deeper throughout prayer over this year.



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