DIY Ornament

I love to make things with my hands that add beauty to my home. This year my homemade ornament was inspired by Pinterest (of course). I made many different ones but I want to share three of them.

The first one is a simple clear glass ball filled with burlap (3 in. wide burlap ribbon cut in half and then cut into 5 in. strips). Then I used my cricut to cut red vinyl into the word JOY!


The second one is still a clear glass ball filled with burlap but this time I used a flat white vinyl to cut a snowflake and then the red vinyl to cut Merry Christmas! This one I attached to a gift! I love to add a simple gift to the outside of a real gift! It makes it more fun!


The last one is the clear glass filled with burlap with chocolate brown vinyl cut into the nativity and the red vinyl cut into Believe. I think it is important to include the real reason for Christmas into all aspects of the day including the decorations.


The reason for the season is Jesus. Believe in the Nativity. Believe in Jesus.


One thought on “DIY Ornament

  1. Just found your beautiful Christmas ornaments on your blog. Love them! I sold some & gave many as gifts this year but had handwritten them as I did not own a Cricut machine. Now, I do and am finding tons of inspiration! I just ordered tons of supplies from Cricut. The 35% off sale was a great bargain! Also, I can’t wait to try your granola bar recipe. I am a southern girl born and raised but living in Maui for the last 12 years. I still love my pecans and use them often! They look delicious!

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