Next Teach 5 is Here!!!

I have been a very bad teacher. Not to my students, but to you all. I have made the new set of Teach 5s ( grab it at 3rd 9 Weeks of Teach 5 ), but I did not include an answer key this time (for a good reason) or write the standard down for each problem each week (it got confusing).

A Good Reason

So I didn’t bother making an answer key (yet-it still might happen) because my students have become so dependent on the answer key. I hang my answer key for the week on the bulletin board backwards so that if they need the answer they can find it. Here recently though the students have all been wanting to check the answer key. They constantly will “try” a problem and then rush to the answer key to see the answer. It isn’t healthy and defeats the purpose behind talking with group mates about their answers and how they solved.

SO…no more answer keys.

I know what you are thinking, I could make the answer keys and just not hang them in my classroom. And I might do that, but I wanted you all to have time to grab the new set of Teach 5s. If I update and add answer keys then I will send everyone who buys the packet a new packet for FREE! So no worries if you go ahead and buy it.

It Got Confusing

The past two packets I have included a table which told which standards went with each problem for each week. This time I didn’t include that much detail because I begin to include fourth grade word problems into the Teach 5 in the third and fourth nine weeks. This makes the work more challenging but it also over prepares the students for the standardized test (whatever yours may be) coming later in the year. If a student can solve a 4th grade word problem they can definitely solve a 3rd grade word problem.

SO… when I started to put the standards in I was mixing third grade with fourth grade, PLUS some weeks the problems were different standards for each day so then I was listing between 20 and 25 standards for each week. CrAzInEsS was occurring! My mind was whirling and I needed to simply not try that.

For those of you who still have not tried Teach 5 please know that I swear by it. I know I shouldn’t swear, but when my administrators, fellow teachers, or parents ask what I do that helps their students learn math so well, I tell them, “Teach 5.” Several other math teachers in my school building have started using it and have seen the results on the standardized tests. They are now believers and I promise, THIS is how my students remember what they have learned all year long.

Teach 5



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