Picture Standards are HERE!

A few weeks ago I posted a simple sample of the picture standards for third grade math. I commented the answer to which standard it was.

Picture Standard

Fluently add and subtract numbers within 1000 using strategies, algorithms, place value, properties of operations, and relating facts.

I have now finished all of the third grade math standards (whew…) and you can find them at Picture Standards on TpT.

These are a great way to help your visual learners understand the standards and get your students using their brains at the start of a unit/standard study. I hope to begin using these with my students in January and will post images of their work, but this is how I use them:

  1. Give each student the images for the new standard.
  2. Ask them to write (in pencil) what they think each picture represents.
  3. After two or three minutes go over what the pictures actually stand for.
  4. Have the students write the standard above (or below) the images.

Some of the standards do not have words that students fully understand (recognize, fluently, etc.). For these words not only do we write them above the picture, but we use post it notes to give us an easy way to remember these words. On top of the post it note we write the word from the standard and underneath we write a kid-friendly word to replace it with. For example, we might write “fluently” on top of a post it note and write “quickly” or “fast” underneath the post it note.

Although this is not a requirement for the math content standards it is a great way to let kids know what we are teaching them. Many schools require that we post standards in the classroom and many times we put up kid-friendly standards, but do the students really know what we are teaching or why? NO! Help your students understand better with this great resource!



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