Science in the Movies

If you haven’t been able to tell, I like movies…A LOT. And I know that students like movies too, BUT we can’t watch movies all day long, so we must teach with movies!

The hit movie for kids recently has been FROZEN! Oh my at the number of Elsa’s and Anna’s I saw trick or treating this year! Here is a great clip from the movie to teach science with!

So, did you notice a problem with Olaf’s love of summer? I am sure you adults did, but did your students? Show this clip and then have students talk about why Olaf’s dream of summer isn’t going to work out so well for him. Even better, have them write about it (the new GA test will have tons of writing, so let them practice with something fun like this). If you want to add a cute craft with it, have them make what Olaf would look like if he did ever experience summer.

food snowman Glue snow man paper snowman

Hope this inspires you to have a little fun with movies in your classroom!



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