My Cheap Christmas Tree


We are poor. No extra money for extras, including a nice Christmas tree. Two years ago after Christmas we went to Goodwill looking for a very inexpensive tree, and man did we find one. For $4.50 we bought this 6 1/2 foot tree which was pre-lite (spelling?). Now not all of the tree lights work (we add another stand of lights on top of the ones that don’t work), it’s kind of thin (fill with more ornaments and ribbon), and the box was busted apart (duct tape- need I say more?).

To add to our cheap tree we have dollar tree ornaments, hand made decorations, and after Christmas sale finds! We have found that Walmart truly does have the cheapest ornaments if you are buying a big container of them. Hobby Lobby, with the 40% off promo code, works great for special ornaments.

Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive. Christmas is actually all about a free gift. Christmas isn’t about the trees or decorations. It’s about the birth of a Savior. The coming of the King. Just remember Jesus during this great time of year. My tree is cheap, but Jesus is free. Do you know Him?


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