Standards in Picture Form

We can write numbers in word form, standard form, expanded form, and picture form. But teaching what the standards are doesn’t happen often. Most teachers feel they are doing great if we have kid friendly standards posted in the room (me included). And man, you are awesome if you have your students put the standard in their notebook somewhere (I started this last year!). But do we ever break the standard down and actually talk about each word and its meaning with the kids? Most of us would say, “No.”

During MSP the past two years some of the presenters use picture form standards. They would have us guess each word of the standard based on the picture. We would then write the actual words above the pictures and sometimes write the kid friendly words in place of the actual words of the standards to help break it down for us.

I have been letting this idea marinate the past two years and have taken the plunge to break the third grade math standards down into picture standards. Take a look at this standard and comment with what you think the standard is in word form!

Picture Standard



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