Sharing is Better than Competing


Some schools are filled with teachers who keep everything to themselves and don’t share because they want to have the best idea on the hall or something like that (IDK- how those people’s brains work). Some schools are filled with teachers who want to share but don’t know how because everyone’s schedule is so crazy. And then there are schools full of teachers who make it happen!

I saw a link for a Google drive tutorial and started listening more to gain ideas than anything. To go to that tutorial click here. The tutorial gave me an idea I can’t believer I didn’t think of sooner.


I have started to work on a CES Third Grade folder with sub folders for each subject and standard to share with my third grade team. The reason this is so great is because we will be able to upload, download, edit, share, and print resources together!

We have 14 third grade classes at my school and we do not all have planning at the same time so it can be hard to all be in the same page. Google drive will allow us to share and access school files from anywhere in the world. No more “Hey Danielle can you send me ___ when you get a chance?” I can simply say “It’s on the drive!”

Exciting times ahead!



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