Is Common Core Developmentally Appropriate?

This great post Is Common Core Developmentally Appropriate? by Diane Ravitch is exactly what everyone in education ought to be thinking. Read this insightful piece and then let me know, do you think Common Core is appropriate at the grade level you teach?


I teach third grade math and at times I feel like common core has missed the mark. We expect so much out of an eight or nine year old child with these standards and many times their brain is just not ready to fully understand the concept or idea. For instance with division. We teach them the strategies to divide and they can solve simple division sentences, but the standard says they have to interpret division in this way: 48 divided by 6 equals 8 where 48 can be split into 6 equal groups and have 8 in each group OR 48 can be split with 6 in each group giving us 8 equal groups. That may sound the same to you, but it isn’t and an eight year old cannot see or hear the difference either most of the time.



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