Technology Drive-In Conference

Yesterday I was able to attend Georgia’s Technology Drive-In Conference in Griffin, GA. The keynote speaker was Daisy Dyer Duerr, a principal from Arkansas. She had a great deal to say about how any school can use technology and be effective with it. Our break out sessions were crowded and to be honest I didn’t get to go to many of my #1 choices, but I made the best of it and gained some great, new, FREE online resources.

Check out my top 3 from the day: This website is a great classroom response system. You set up your account for FREE and have your students enter a 5 digit code to login to the class. You can then take a poll, do true/false, multiple choice, open response, end them a link, etc. It looks great and I cannot wait to try it with my kids next week. This website if for ELA teachers only, which doesn’t really help me, but it looked great. It is also FREE and has TONS of resources for ELA teachers. Go check it out! I have used Kid Blog before, but I wanted to share it again. This is a great classroom blog system with everything being private. You can have up to 50 kids in your class FREE of charge. I use this for questions about historical figures and science where I want more of a reflection from the students on the topic.

At the end of the day what I walked away with the most is this,


Technology is only good in the classroom if it is being used in an effective manner. Using technology for the sake of using technology is not really using the technology. Make sure that how you are using technology really impacts student learning.



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