Birds and Bugs

We have started our adaptations unit and today we pretended to be birds and “ate” bugs. This activity requires some prep time, but not much. You will need:

  • dried black beans
  • dried white beans
  • dried red beans
  • dried green peas
  • masking tape or landscape tape

This outdoor class activity requires some classroom management, but if my kids can handle it so can yours (trust me!)

Tape off a small rectangle of grass for each science group (I group my students in groups of 5 or 6—grab my FREE science groups notebook here). Then throw out a mixture of red, black, white, and green beans (I counted mine out to make them all equal today, BUT I will never do that again).

photo 1

One student in each group will be your recorder and have a clipboard with a data sheet on it. Get my data sheet here for FREE!

I had the students line up behind their rectangle. The front student had a cup and was told they could pick up one bean at a time to put in the cup. They had thirty seconds to get as many “bugs” (aka beans) as they could. “Birds” ready (students), set, EAT!

photo 2 photo 3

After third seconds they count each color bean and record on their sheet. I throw out another cup with a mixture of color beans into each box (about 50mL). Then the next person goes. We did five rounds today so that everyone had a turn. Then the students sat down and added up their total for each color bean. We went inside and put our data on the SMARTboard (Grab your SMARTboard notebook here for FREE!).

We then talked about which color we got the most of, the least of, why and eventually lead the conversation into camouflage. What other animals camouflage in their environment or habitat? Its a fun activity with tons of great aspects to science and math!



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