Grading Journals

I have a massive stack of journals to grade this weekend.

photo 1

We are done with social studies for the nine weeks, SO I must grade journals and prepare them to go home for parents to enjoy with their students. Luckily I have an easy rubric to grade with. The rubric is editable in excel so that I can change the page names with each topic. If you would like this great FREEBIE click here.

photo 2

I simply go through the notebooks, looking for headings and dates at the top of each page, content to be completed, neat work, and accurate information. I score each page and total each topic up. Here is an example of what a rubric might look like:

photo 3

If I take points off I write why in the comment section or refer them to the page number where I may have put more detailed information.

I love my journals. At the end of the year students feel like they have their own textbooks to take home and even better they have somewhat of an educational yearbook to remember third grade with.



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