Timeline Part 1

Last year I did a class timeline for our historical figures, BUT it had a ton of problems.

  1. It did not include our current year
  2. It was not spaced evenly for each year
  3. It was not BIG enough

SO this year

  1. I add our current year and my birth year to the timeline (to put things into perspective)
  2. I measured my timeline and divided it by the number of years I wanted to have represented on the timeline to figure out how much space one year is
  3. I placed the timeline on the longest wall in my classroom


So far Paul Revere, Frederick Douglass, and Susan B. Anthony are on the timeline. I each piece out mathematically. Here is how:

Subtract the current year                                        2014

and the first year to be place on the timeline          1734

The difference is                                                       280

Then measure your wall. I did this in centimeters     700 cm

Divide the length of your wall by the number of years

The quotient is 2.5 cm per year. So now for each piece I simply measure the calculated amount and tape the yarn there. I then put each piece over the yarn line to make it very clear which piece goes where. The kids have use this timeline to help them better understand that Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony were friends because they were alive at the same time. They also have noticed that Paul Revere couldn’t have been their friends because he was already dead. It has been great!




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