Table Supplies

This year I have ventured into the world of liquid glue (only a few students are given glue stick in my class) and table caddies. So far the kids have been pretty good with the glue (we have had many talks about it) and the caddies have stayed pretty well organized.

photo 5

In each caddy there are bottles of glue, a few glue sticks, highlighters, a big eraser, boxes of crayons, and scissors.

As a friendly reminder to students I have written the number “4” on each bottle of glue. We talked about how most of our papers require FOUR dots of glue.

photo 2

I also used washi tape on the crayons. I have washi tape on the outside of the box of crayons and then also around each crayon in the box. This helps us get crayons back in the correct box and helps with the sticky fingers walking away with them.

photo 1

With these simple organization steps my supplies have been neat and not disappeared as quickly!



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