Math and Science Partnership

I have just recently finished my two weeks of summer classes for Kennesaw State University’s Math and Science Partnership (MSP). We get training from professors, teacher leaders, and curriculum coordinators who are some of the best in North Georgia. Over the past two years we have covered every science standard in 3-5 grades and many of the major math standards.
The partnership paid for my subs when I was out of the classroom during the school year. They paid me for the weeks in the summer and Saturday sessions. They bought us tons of supplies (about $1000 worth over two years). They also gave us hands-on learning experiences to take back into the classroom and some great field trips close to home!
All I had to do was apply and get a recommendation from my administrators to get in. Once I was in I took a pre test, midway assessment, and post test. An observer came once to my classroom to see me use something I had learned while at MSP. But that was it. No assignments, homework, or grades. It was awesome!
One of my favorite activities from this summer was building a roller coaster out of pipe insulation.

We used masking tape and the insulation cut in half to build our coaster with a turn, a loop, and whatever else we wanted. It was great fun experimenting with the angles and height of our coaster!
Look into a professional learning opportunity at the colleges close to you. Maybe you will have a similar opportunity to mine!


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