The 11 Dot Game

I have been in the Math and Science Partnership (MSP) classes all week and learned about a great game which can be adapted for anything. And I mean ANYTHING! Basically there is a board (I made mine out of two sentence strips taped together with eleven blank dots spaced out 4 inches each laminated together) and ten cards.


I’ll come back to the cards later, but students shuffle the cards and place one card on each dot with a blank dot somewhere (anywhere) on the board. Students should place the cards without looking at them, but do lay them face up. Then without talking with their group members, students will take turns moving any one card to the blank spot (where ever it may be) on the board until the cards are in order. When the cards are in order they should have the teacher check their work.

Now back to the cards. The reason the cards can be anything is because cards can be put into order for just about anything. Number order, sum of addition, difference of subtraction, product of multiplication, quotient of division, measurement, fractions, etc. Yes those are all math, but what if you made cards of words to be in alphabetical order, dictionary guide words, order of events, timeline, sequence of a story, etc. The options are endless!

Another great thing about this game is that as a teacher you could differentiate very easily because each group would not have to have the same type of cards. So maybe one group is doing the multiplication set while another group is doing the addition set. Maybe one group has measurements with both feet and inches while the other group only has cards with inches. Get creative and meet your students’ needs!

I have made some math cards for this game which you can get for FREE here and they are EDITABLE! I suggest printing them on colorful card stock and laminating them.

11 dot game image
I have made 5 boards for this game so I can use them at each grouping of desks, so I will make 5 sets of each type of card. I can hardly wait to use these with my students this year!

Please remember, I did not invent this game, BUT I am a HUGE supporter of this game!!!



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