How do you turn in your tickets out the door?

I love to use tickets out the door (TOTD– previous post about them!)! I use them constantly and find them to be useful informal assessments. In the past I have had students turn them into a bucket, me, my desk, individual student pockets, and the back of the classroom door (sticky notes). This year I saw a great idea on Pinterest which will require students to think about their own understanding.


Grab these colorful pages for FREE here!

 Now my students will have to not only answer and complete my TOTD, but they will have to determine if they have GOT IT, are ALMOST there, KIND OF get it, or NOPE I don’t have a clue. I made a cute document for the words, printed and trimmed them, glued to the front of a file folder, and laminated them. I then stapled the sides closed and plan on hanging them in the classroom for people to use as turn in for TOTD. I am super excited to teach my students how to self assess and what that may mean for them!


One thought on “How do you turn in your tickets out the door?

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