Listening Center in Social Studies and Science

I was once a reading teacher (I kind of miss it) and included a listening center in my rotation. When I became a social studies and science teacher I incorporated many books, reading passages, and text features to my lessons to help support my teaching partner (love you Shannon). I had been giving a reading passage with comprehension questions as homework for each topic, but this year I am going to try to use these passages in a short listening center instead.

I simply took the passages and my iPad and recorded myself reading them on the Quick Voice app (FREE!) the home screen looks like this:

After you finish recording something you can change the name by tapping “title”. I simply titled mine things like “Paul Revere Passage”. Then I would read the questions on a separate recording (because not all of the students get the questions read to them).

Here is what my app screen looks like with all of my historical figures done:


I plan on getting a multiple headphone hook up from our library for my students to listen to them directly on the iPad.

Fingers crossed this idea works!!!


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