Burlap Apple

Several years ago I made a deco mesh apple for my classroom door, but I have never been satisfied with how it turned out. Sometime last year I saw a burlap apple door hanger on Pinterest and felt inspired. I have hung on to that image for months and finally got around to making it! It is not completely finished (it still needs my name and a clear coat to preserve all of the paint).
Here is how I made it:
Take some burlap and double it up.

Using a marker, I use sharpie, sketch your shape onto the burlap.

Making sure you have both layers of burlap, cut out your general shape.

Staple our two layers together, making sure you have both layers lined up. Also make sure to leave a hole to put grocery bags in.


Stuff your shape with grocery bags (the brown bags from ingles work best).
Completely staple up the burlap.
Paint your shape however you like. TIP: do not paint two different colors that are touching until one of the colors is completely dry

Here is what I have finished as of right now!

I plan on using a thick black sharpie to add my name to the front and some details to the leaf. I also plan to use white out on the stem to add some details. Then I will use a clear spray paint to preserve all of the paint and colors. Lastly I will add wire to the top to hang it by (probably a clothes hanger in my case)


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