Teaching with Songs

I am a HUGE fan of music in the classroom! I use music (classical mostly) while students work quietly at their desks. I use music as a transition signal. AND I use music to teach!

Some of my favorite songs/music resources I am going to share with you (most of them are FREE!).

  1. School House Rock Most of you can either remember these on TV or have seen or heard them in school. I have the DVD set (I found it at Target years ago for $10) and use them in math, language arts, science, and social studies! This is worth the money and all of you should run out and buy it if you do not already own it!
  2. Verb Rap: I used this song with my 1st grade students during student teaching and my 3rd grade students when I taught ELA. The Verb Rap is a simple song which I added movements to to make it fun! The the song says clap you clap, when it says jump you jump, and when it says shake you shake. It is truly that simple, but the kids LOVE it and really understand that a “verb is an action word”!
  3. Longitude and Latitude Rap: Check out this blog post for how I use this song and what I do with it!
  4. Tour the States Rap: My goal for this year will be centered around this song! Students come to third grade and do not know all 50 states. It drives me crazy. This is an awesome song and a great resource which I will include in my classroom often! 
  5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Song: This is a repetitive song students sing along with quickly and easily. I use this during my pollution unit and students ask to sing it quite often. 

Teaching with music is a great way to help students remember information. Think about all of the songs you know the lyrics to by heart even after years of not listening to them. Music is a powerful teaching tool!


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