Create Reusable Math Games

I love to use math games in the classroom! In fact I use at least one game a week. What I dislike about many math games is they require copies to be run and use paper like crazy, BUT I have discovered a new way to save paper and still have evidence of learning.

I find a math game I want to use in the classroom. For instance this multiplication game found here.


I print one copy of the game on white paper.

Then I copy the game onto construction paper (I pick light colors because it is easier to make copies of the games after they have been played if I need evidence of learning). I normally make 10 or 12 of each game so students can play in pairs or a small group.

Next I laminate the construction paper game, cut them out, and place them in a folder.

When students play they use expo markers instead of color pencils. If I see something interesting or evidence I need for RTI or IEP I simply make a copy of the game before it is erased. Most students I do not need to copy, but some it comes in handy.

At the end of the year we clean all of the boards really well will marker board cleaner and paper towels and can use them for several years in a row before I need to make a new set.


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