DIY: Burlap Wreath

I love burlap! I love wreaths! So a few months ago I made a burlap wreath for my front door that I could use for all months of the year. I can make each month or season as unique as I would like by simply changing the accessories I add to the wreath.

Here is the basic final product:


Okay, so here is how you can make this:

  1. Buy a 14″ Styrofoam wreath, 2 rolls of burlap ribbon (5″ wide and 15′ long), and 1 package of floral pins
  2. 20140619-163017-59417730.jpg

  3. Cut the burlap ribbon into 5″ squares
  4. Holding 1 square of burlap, fold opposite corners towards one another.
  5. Then take the left corner to meet the two corners which are already touching on the backside.
  6. Next take the right corner to meet the three corners which are already touching on the front side.
  7. Using one floral pin, pin the burlap where the corners meet to any starting point on the foam wreath.
  8. Repeat steps 3-6 until the entire wreath is covered.

I bought a small wooden “R” and painted it black, attached it with black ribbon and a floral pin to my wreath. I always leave the “R” on the wreath, but I change my other accessories monthly/seasonally. Take a look at a few of my accessories!


February’s Valentines Wreath


Spring’s Floral Wreath


June/July’s Independence Day Wreath

I buy most of my accessories at Hobby Lobby (when they are on sale of course) or create them myself (the flowers for spring were placed in the tin with foam).

I hope you all are inspired and can create your own burlap wreath now too!



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