Data / Communication / Conference Notebook Setup

In the past I have had separate notebooks for data, parent communication, and math conferences. This year I want to have all if my most important information all in one place, SO I am using a 3″ binder to organize all of these important pieces of teaching.

I have 24 dividers for each class with color tabs dividing my two classes in the binder. The dividers are numbered and the student numbers correspond with the divider numbers.

I also have class summaries for keeping up with who I have conferences with at a glance. This page helps me keep up with who I need to conference with next.

For all of the students in my homeroom I have a communication log. This log is used for when I call or email a parent.

For all the students in both of my classes I have a conference summary form:

And a SMP (standard of mathematical practice) record sheet allows me to record when I do and do not see students exhibit each SMP.

This is all I can prepare before I am given students. Being prepared to hit the ground running is how I like to start the school year. One more thing I can check off of my to do list!



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