Mission Lab New Orleans

What a week! My husband and I have been in New Orleans, Louisiana with 16 youth students and 5 other adults doing mission work with New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. We were able to choose our types of ministries for the week; we chose homeless, food pantry, and street evangelism ministries.

Our students eyes were opened to how good they have it and how quickly they can lose it through the stories of the homeless people we encountered. We watched them grow throughout the week and become bolder and bolder in their faith. They were all asking to return to the homeless ministry sites by the end of the week and were sad to leave them behind.

We also had the joy of working in three different food pantries. Just the Right Attitude was a ministry which serves hot meals to homeless and elderly in the community. We were able to chop vegetables, assist in cooking, and help deliver meals to the community. The cool part of this ministry is they delivered to the homeless people we were ministering to.



We also served at Love in Action which is a food pantry. We were able to stock shelves, pack groceries, and walk people out to their cars. Praying with these people was incredible. Many of the locals I was able to pray with would make their entire families get out of the car so we could all hold hands and pray.


The last food pantry we were at was Second Harvest. This non-profit organization distributes food to all of the smaller pantries (like Love in Action), and serves children through the summer feeding program. We were able to help pack hot lunches for Thursday’s delivery and pack box lunches for Friday’s delivery. It was incredible to assist them feed between 6,000-8,000 children each day.

God worked in mighty ways this week and two of our students accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. Another one of our students re dedicated her life to Christ. This made the heat, exhaustion, and teenage craziness completely worth it! Lives have been changed for the Kingdom and God is still in the miracles business!


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