Easy Access

At my school we serve breakfast on the hallways. In order to do this we have cards for students to hand the cafeteria workers when they get there breakfast (so they know whose accounts to charge). The first year we did this I just dumped all of the breakfast cards on a table each morning.
Total CHAOS!
Last year I had a poster with card holders. This worked very well, but the poster fell apart from the wear and tear.
Good idea, just needs to be executed better.
This year I got some expert advice from The Resource Center on how to execute my endeavor best.

First they had me draw on my poster and laminate it. I simply wrote “Breakfast Cards” on the top. Then they laminated my pockets and helped me cut the slits for the pockets. We then attached the pockets to the poster using two 2″ strips of double sided sticky tape. To add a cute factor we used name tags on each pocket. I wrote student numbers on each tag (in hopes of using the pockets again) but you could write names on them.


After all of the pockets are attached the poster looks like this:


I plan on hanging it on the inside of my classroom door so students can grab there card on the way out to breakfast! Easy Access!


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