Earthly Father and Heavenly Father

Today is my dad’s birthday, and what a great day it has been. We met for a quick lunch and then hiked the perimeter of his 24 acres. It was a great time to hang out and enjoy the outdoors (even in the 85 degrees and 100% humidity).


I can’t help but remember all the great qualities in my loving father. He has always provided above and beyond my needs and made me feel like nothing could ever harm me. He loves to spend time with our family in the outdoors and is always up for an adventure. He led us on many adventure vacations to great places out West (Whitefish, Montana, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and The Grand Canyon) and taught us many things along the way.

When I think of how awesome my earthly Father is I cannot even imagine how great my Heavenly Father is. My dad provided for me and God will provide for my needs even more so. My dad protects me and God will guard me with all His might. My dad will advice me on my life path and God will guide me through everything. My dad leads us on outdoor adventures and God created these amazing outdoor spaces!

My Heavenly Father will listen to every word, count every tear, guard my heart, shield me from the enemy, provide for my needs, shine a light on my path, guide each step, and save me from myself!

My earthly father is an amazing example for me and always made me feel loved. Because of him I have a great idea of just how wonderful my Heavenly Father must be.


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