I LOVE Schedules

Although most teachers love the freedom of summer, I find it to be stressful and too unstructured. I love to know what I am doing and when I am doing it days in advance. I know many of you are laughing now and think I am joking, but you can ask my husband, mom, really anyone who knows me and they will tell you it is true. I need a routine.

All this being said I have 3 different schedules for summer: Workout Schedule, Cleaning Schedule, and Activity Schedule.

  1. Workout Schedule

Monday-Tae Bo

Tuesday– Pilates

Wednesday– Zumba

Thursday– Walking in a Park

Friday– Elliptical

Saturday– Hiking

Sunday– Rest

  1. Cleaning Schedule

Monday– Bathroom

Tuesday– Kitchen

Wednesday– Dusting

Thursday– Floors

Friday– Porches

Saturday– Laundry

Sunday– Rest

Happy Day Claim

  1. Activity Schedule

Monday– Groceries and Errands

Tuesday– Technology

Wednesday– Crafts

Thursday– Pool

Friday– Yard work

Saturday– Friends and Family

Sunday– Church and Rest

So this is how I plan to spend my summer, or at least the days I am home.

Happy Summer!



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