Reviewing for Standardized Tests

It is the most dreaded time of year…standardized test time.

I know that for me the five worst days of work are the five days we administer the CRCT. However, reviewing for the assessment can be some of the best fun in my classroom. Here are 4 of my favorite ideas:

1. We have an Easter egg hunt! What the kids do not realize is there is no candy in the eggs, but their are questions (I use math CRCT practice test questions, printed, laminated, and cut apart). Students are put in teams and told what color egg to hunt. They then solve their problems (6-7 questions per group). For every question they as a group get correct the first time each student in the group gets one jelly bean (any candy will do). Each day of the week the groups are assigned a new color egg to hunt for (I put the same questions in the same color egg each day).

2. We have a ScAvEnGeR HuNt! I have a practice test printed and laminated. I then write clues on the bottom of each page to a hiding place in the room. The students have to answer all of the questions on the first page before they can find the next page. I normally have students work in groups of three for this activity. I tell the class the team with the best score (for accuracy) will get a treat (normally a bigger piece of candy or prize box surprise). My scavenger hunts have 7 or 8 pages to them and the kids have a blast finding the pages.

3. Station Tests are another way we review and practice bubbling in our answers. I print and laminate a practice test. I then make a bubble sheet for the entire test (not just each station). Students are put at each station and given 7 to 8 minutes to answer all of the questions at their station on their bubble sheet. This is really good practice checking your numbers from the station and finding the correct spot to answer the question on a bubble sheet.

4. Jeopardy! I have created Third Grade Science and Third Grade Social Studies jeopardy with review questions. We play by splitting the class in half and their is a prize for the winning team. These resources can be found for FREE on TpT!

Getting prepared and reviewing for the CRCT, or any standardized test, does not have to be boring. The more your students can get up and move around the room the less they will feel like they are working.


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