I had a request

About a week ago a got an email from someone who needed some resources for Lyndon B. Johnson. Anyone here have to teach about him? Georgia Performance Standards for third grade say we do, so if you live in Georgia, and your a third grade teacher you definitely want to read the rest of this post.

I do have a packet now available to you all on Teachers Pay Teachers for FREE! It includes some teaching power point presentations, assessments (yes a modified assessment is included) and study guides. Also there is a timeline sorting activity. You can get it here.

Speaking of the timeline sorts, I was recreating three of my sorts because students had lost pieces and I forgot to laminate three of them (I know—what was I thinking?) and I remembered a great way to keep them organized. I print my sorts onto plain printer paper, trim them out, glue them (using a glue stick) to black construction paper, and laminate them. I have know gone back and written the initials of the historical figure onto the back of the date pieces in silver sharpie to help students put them back in the correct envelop. And then I store them in manila envelopes. I laminate the envelopes to make them more sturdy and of course I added a cute image to the envelop first. I hole punch the envelop and store it in my social studies binder with all of the other papers and activities for each historical figure.

photo 5

Just wanted to share the free teaching packet and idea about timeline storage! Have a great spring break!!!


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