Goodbye For Now

Well, it has been a long, hard day. Something was wrong with me this morning and I was light headed the entire time. I also did not have the timing down correctly for my science experiment and it was just tough. Then this afternoon I felt better physically but my students were just off task and not focused. The experiment went better, but not fantastic.

Then we took “benchmark” tests which were not really benchmark tests. The scores were fine, but I got my feathers ruffled and now I have decided I need to focus. Just like my afternoon class I need to stay on task and look at what is most important. And no offense to you all, BUT my students and their learning is the primary focus of my job.

God has placed me in this position at this point in my life to love my students, teach them the most they can learn in one year and to shine His light into their lives. My students need my attention right now and that means that I cannot possibly maintain everything I am doing right now.

When my masters in complete in May I plan to return to my blog. But until then I must place Shining the Light in Third Grade on the back burner. I must spend my afternoons and evenings looking at data, preparing interactive lessons, determining which learning styles work best, and FOCUSING on my 43 precious babies!

Thank you for your understanding, and do be looking for my return in June!


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