December Currently

Well, when I finally found where everyone was getting their “Currently”s from (I’ve never been much into discover the “cool” thing until it is no where near new any more) I wanted to jump on. I also wanted to try to join other linky parties, BUT…all of the blogspot blogs are block from my school wifi. This may seem like no big deal to most of the American population. Use your home wifi is your response. I don’t have the internet at home. I am currently online using a personal hotspot through my phone (thanks Verizon!), but I hate to use all my data on blog entries. Today however, I will splurge!

My Currently

Listening: I love Francesca Battistelli’s voice! It is gorgeous. And this precious song from the view point of the virgin Mary singing to baby Jesus warms my heart.

Francesca Battistelli

Loving: I am baking like crazy this weekend. I have a family party to go to and I am bringing three desserts (sugar cookies, brownies, and a peppermint flavored dip with vanilla wafers) and a cheese ball (which I have never made before—wish me luck!) I am also loving my husband, Kyle, and enjoying showering him with gifts this month. Check out Showing Love for 25 Days.

Thinking: I just finished a graduate paper and am soooooo happy about it! I will be finished with my masters in May and can hardly wait to have my life back.

Wanting: Starbucks, and who doesn’t. In college (the fun times of undergraduate) I would treat myself to a cinnamon dulce latte after I finished a hard test or big paper.

Needing: This week felt long. I mean really long. I didn’t know that five days could feeling like three weeks, but it did this week. I really need to relax and enjoy my weekend with a great new book. I finished a book last night (Sweet Caroline by Rachel Hauck) Any suggestions?

Sweet Caroline

Favorite Tradition: My husband’s entire family gets together (about 40 of us) on Christmas Eve for dinner and a great game of Dirty Santa. I can hardly wait for the 24th to arrive!


One thought on “December Currently

  1. I like the Showing Love for 25 days idea. Good luck/ congratulations on finishing up your masters. It is a lot of work, but so worth it. I treat myself to Starbucks in the mornings if I leave the house “on time.” It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had Starbucks:)


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