Starting The Day Off Right

Last year I was gifted a book of devotionals specifically for teachers. This is what my morning quiet time has been each day of the school year, but this week I felt like I needed more in the morning. Normally I would let my alarm go off a few times, check Facebook or Pinterest, then roll out of bed. I would get ready, drink my coffee, and have my quiet time. It hit me that I was putting social media before God and that is not where it belongs.

In order to correct the order of my day I started a devotional plan on You Version (a free bible app). This short reading and moment with God happens before I ever get out of bed. And although this was a tough work week (kids are CrAzY before a holiday) I have felt His presence more this week.

I cannot let other things in life get ahead of the Lord of my life. God has to be number one in order for me to function, because I am nothing without Him. If I am going to ask for the girls in my Sunday School class to put God first, I must put Him their also.

Where does God stand in your life?


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