Mapping Our Way Through a Great Question

I got an e-mail with a great question today.

What do you do with the pre and post post it notes in your journals?

At the beginning of each unit the students are given the standard on a sticker and the essential question to write in their journal. Then they put two post it notes in their journals. They label one “pre” and the other “post”.

photo 2 01

I ask the students to try to answer the essential question on the “pre” post it note on the first day of the unit. When it is something I know they have prior knowledge of I do not let them write “I don’t know”, but if it is a brand new concept “I don’t know” is acceptable.

After the unit it taught I ask for the students to go back and answer the the EQ again on the “post” post it note. Many times students will fill up their post it note and use the space below the post it note also. The parents (and I) love to read the growth that takes place within the unit by looking at the Post post it notes.

Great question and thanks for asking!

Here are some images from our second map unit:

photo 1 01 photo 5 photo 2 photo 1

The students were taught how to make their own map scale on a separate piece of paper to use on the map activity above. We then stuck the map scale into our journal for later use (that is what the pink post it is in the picture).

photo 4 photo 3photo


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