Timeline Update and FDR Pieces for FREE

It has been a while since I have shared what my timeline is looking like. Here is where we are currently:Love It Claim

photo 2

(please ignore the math stuff)

I love my class timeline. We look at it with each historical figure and discuss the over laps and relationships between the people. It has been a great addition this year!

I created and posted the timeline pieces for FDR today. Here they are for FREE!

This is a close up of the pieces for Franklin:

photo 1

On a different note, I am being observed tomorrow by Title III, ESOL, something or other people from the state (EEK!). To say I’m nervous is true, but really I’m excited about it. Only five teachers from my school are being observed and to know that my administrators have enough faith in me to let some higher ups observe me is really neat. Yes I am prepared and no I am not putting on a dog and pony show. I’ve decided to just be me. I’m better off that way. Keep me in your prayers tonight and tomorrow and I’ll let you know how it went when its all over.


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