Greece Packet and Notebook

Well here we are on Monday with one week to go before a FULL week off of work (YES!). I finished putting together my assessment packet for Greece for all of you third grade teachers. Sorry it is a little late. Grab this FREEBIE!

Greece Packet

This packet includes a pre assessment and post assessment with answer keys and the study guide. It also includes a quick vocabulary activity that would reinforce dictionary skills.

Here are some images from our notebooks:

                                                Love It Claim

photo 5 photo 4

This handout if from our workbooks in social studies. I do not like the work books so the students do not keep them in their desks, but occasionally something good will be in them and I will tear them all out and we will paste them into our notebooks. I love that we were able to label the architectural aspects of the picture on the page.

photo 3 photo 2

This double bubble map I found for FREE here.

photo 1

Then we made a great foldable to help the students understand the differences in a direct and representative democracy. I am still not sure we have completely understood the differences in these democracies, but we are working on it and will discuss it again when we come back to government later in the year.



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