Why Can’t They Behave?

So many times I take my students to special areas or lunch and they are fine, but when I come back to get them it is total chaos. Why can’t they behave without me being there? I have had to tell my students year after year that all teachers need to be respected the way they respect me. I have even had to assure one of my students that the art teacher can read (why a third grader thought she couldn’t I have no clue). My students seem to lose their minds when they are without me, why? And how can I fix this?

I started something simple that has worked wonders for each class. I carry a clip board (actually a student carries it) to special areas and lunch for other teachers to mark behavior on. Yep, that’s it. A clipboard.

I put a document that has all of their names on it with a spot for each day of the week, or each special area (I actually have two different sheets on the clipboard). The other teachers can put a check or note on the sheet. Many times if their is a mark on the page I seek out the teacher who wrote it to get the full story. I have made documentation notes during these talks for RTI or IEP data.

In the three years I have used the clipboard I would say I have only had a handful of instances where a name has been marked. I truly think my students equate the clipboard being in the room to me being in the room. I hold them accountable for what the clipboard says and their are consequences. It sounds too simple, and I am not saying it works for everyone (because I know some people who do not like it-which is totally fine), but it definitely works for me.

Here is a link to by editable and FREE checklists. I hope this helps!


One thought on “Why Can’t They Behave?

  1. In response to your question: How can I fix this?

    I suggest that you discuss the expectations (i.e. rules) that are to be followed “prior” to the… Perhaps my recent Blog post: (11-14-13) @ http://kennethfetterman.wordpress.com will benefit you. I also suggest that you read the theory/practice section of my manuscript: “Becoming a Reflective Practitioner” — It will provide you with direct instructions (and scenarios) on how to manage behavior(s) in your… My Book(s) can be sampled/purchased via smashwords.com. Here is the link to my manuscripts: http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/kennethfetterman
    Best wishes; keep seeking answers and Reflecting upon your practice! KEN–Want to follow my Blog?


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