FDR in our Notebook

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a fun person to study with the kids. They really enjoyed him and had great questions about his life. One of the things I love about studying FDR is that his Georgia home is not too far away and many of my students’ families every year make a trip down to Warm Springs, Georgia to tour his home, The Little White House, and see the  pool that is filled twice a year with warm water from the springs. If you have never been and live in Georgia or eastern Alabama it truly is worth your time.

We did not make many entries for FDR and one entry I completely forgot to have the students do was their essential question and pre and post Post it notes. This is the first time I have forgotten them this year, which is a HUGE improvement from last year but still a disappointment.

Here is what we did do though:

photo 3 photo 4

We completed a bubble map where students had to pick the eight correct facts and throw out the four incorrect facts about Franklin’s life. Then we completed a timeline of his life. We also added nine vocabulary words to our notebooks (dictatorship was very difficult for them to say and understand).

photo 2 photo 1

We also made a pocket to keep a Presidential Profile in. Instead of writing a biography this week we filled out this great graphic organizer for him. Next year I will have to remember to print pictures for the kids to glue in the box (oops!) and actually it would probably be great for their notebooks to include a picture of each historical figure (I’ll add that to my list of improvements for next year).

Overall, I think the students understood the importance of this great leader and appreciate how long he devoted his life to the U.S. government.


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