Math Notebooks-Multiplication, Division, and Word Problems

Here are some images from my math notebooks:

We revisited multiplication a few weeks ago. This time we talked about our strategies, the properties, some helpful songs and tricks, and then reflected on how we like to solve multiplication.

photo 1 02 photo 2 02 photo 3 01 photo 4 01 photo 5 01

Then we revisited division for a week. We talked about the parts of a division sentence and our strategies for division. We also worked really hard on word problems that want us to divide.

photo 1 01 photo 2 01 photo 5 photo 4

Then we spent a week looking at the relationship between multiplication and division. This week last year was really hard and I expected a total disaster on my test last Friday (which was all word problems-some being two steps, and some having remainders). My students did incredibly well and blew me out of the water.

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

We are currently working on picture graphs and I will post images of our notebooks for them at a later date.

Some of the images here show FREE resources I found below:

Division Pyramid

Multiplication and Division Relationship




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