First Lady of the World

Eleanor Roosevelt was considered the First Lady of the World and what a classy lady she was. She changed the way First Ladies lived, acted, and were perceived.

I have a packet for FREE here.

Answer Key to Eleanor Test Vocabulary Center for Eleanor Modified Assessment for Eleanor

I also have the wall timeline pieces for FREE here.

Our notebooks looked like:

EQ Eleanor Vocab Eleanor Vocab Continued Eleanor Bubble Map Eleanor Graphic Organizer Eleanor

We made anchor charts to help the students fill in the graphic organizer above (which can be found on the Georgia Standards website).

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Then we made a class poster to hang on our flip chart for Eleanor.

photo 4

When we talked about how Eleanor Roosevelt went and visited soldiers in the South Pacific during World War II we decided to make cards for the soldier. Here is what we did:

photo 2

We made a poster of some of the words we might need to know how to spell.

photo 1

We used construction paper and glue with color pencils also to help us make them beautiful.

photo 5 photo 4 photo 3

Those are some of the cards for the soldiers.

What a joy it is to learn about some of the strong women in American history!



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