Subtraction Notebook Entries

Okay, so I scrolled through my blog today and realized that I haven’t posted about math notebooks since addition. That was a LONG time ago. I am sorry. That is not like me…

Here we go!

photo 1

Our standard had already been posted in the notebook, so to conserve stickers I do not repost them. We just discuss them again. I also want to add a HUGE “Thank you!” to my dear friend Sarah. She gave me a word of encouragement about these EQ pages in my notebook when I really needed it. Love ya Sarah!

photo 2

I also wanted to be more clear about where I am getting all of the inserts for the notebooks. Any of the pages that look similar to this are from Core Standards For Math which is a Steck-Vaughn School Supply. I highly suggest getting a copy for your grade level and using it for reteach and extra practice.

photo 3 photo 5

These two pages are easy ways to help kids remember subtraction. BBB standards for Bigger on the Bottom, Borrow.

And the Backwards “L” trick works for numbers with zeros. It makes it easier when borrowing across zeros.

photo 4

The last entry for subtraction is a word problem and introduction to Singapore Method. Model drawing is great and the sooner students start to use it the better off their math skills will become when dissecting word problems.

Okay, so that is subtraction. I hope it helps, although I am sure most of you are way past this already this year. Sorry.


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