Math Openings and Learn Zillion

I love to start my math lessons on the SMARTboard with interactive openings. Here are some of my more recent third grade math topics to be taught on the SMARTboard:


FREE here.

Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3

This FREEBIE includes four days worth of introductory openings for perimeter! I also found some great free resources for their notebooks.

Perry the Perimeter Bug was in the openings and I printed two per page to then but pasted into their interactive notebook.

Perimeter Printable was easy to print and give one image to each student to put in their notebook for closing practice.


FREE here.

This set of openings includes four days of interactive lessons where students are able to build graphs (both bar and picture) as well as read graphs and answer questions.

Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 6 Picture 7

Multiplying by Multiples of Ten

This week we are using for most of our openings. I love LEARNZILLION! This website has great video lessons that are easy to understand. I love to pause the video and add my thoughts and work the problems over the video with the kids. Then I can un-pause the lesson and let them see that they were correct.

When you go to you will see this:

Picture 1

Scroll down and click Teacher

Picture 2

Then if you have a google account click the blue button, if you do not have a google account fill out the information and hit submit.

Picture 3

Their are a few more pieces of information the website will get from you, but then you have free access to the website. Yes, FREE!

This week I found four lessons for multiples of ten and the kids have loved it!

Multiply with Multiples of 10 using Base Ten Blocks

Multiply with Multiples of 10 using Number Line

Multiply with Multiples of 10 using Arrays

Multiply with Multiples of 10 by Breaking the factor into 2 pieces

I also found some freebies for homework and notebook entries.

The Dragon Multiples of Ten was good for homework or extra practice.

The Teaching Cards was good to put into the student notebooks as practice.

I hope I have helped and made you a new lover of Learn Zillion (reading/ELA teachers you should check it out too—it has stuff for you as well!).


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