Soil Packet and Notebook Entries

Is it bad when you are introducing the soil packet with the notebook pages completed already? Well, I am finished teaching soil and apologize for just now getting this out to you, but last week was CrAzY!

My Soil Packet is FREE here and includes:

Picture 1

Our Notebooks:

photo 08

Essential Questions

photo 07

Layers of soil diagram

photo 06 photo 05 photo 04

Vocabulary words with which layer of soil they can be found in underneath (some students had time to color these!)

photo 03

Observing soil sheet

photo 15

How much water can each type of soil hold?

photo 02

Sugar Cube Weathering (students take baby food jars and a sugar cube…SHAKE for 60 seconds…observe…add 10 drops of water…SHAKE for 60 seconds…observe…POOF! Instant water and wind weathering!)

photo 13 photo 12 photo 11 photo 10 photo 09

Erosion activity (dirt, pebbles, rocks dumped into paint tray, poor water -aka rain- what erodes easiest?, what does not move?)

photo 01

Foldable with…


definitions and examples!

Soil was easy and fun! If you do not have the time, energy, or money to get soil ask the students to bring some in for homework. Give out a reward for the students who do bring some. Ask some kids with sand boxes to bring in sand. Here in Georgia it is easy to find clay!


6 thoughts on “Soil Packet and Notebook Entries

  1. Thank you!!! Wonderful work. There are a group of 2nd grade scientists that are going to be having fun learning about erosion tomorrow thanks to your wonderful site.


    • If they simply have air and sugar cubes in the jar they are looking at wind weathering. When you add water to the jars, they are looking at water weathering. This is obviously not exactly scientifically accurate, but you want the kids to understand that water weathering works more quickly than air weathering.

      I hope this helps.


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