Rocks in my Head!

Our rock unit was a HUGE success and continues to be apart of our everyday science conversation (because rocks and soil are related). Our notebooks and experiments really made rocks come to life (except that rocks are not alive). Here are some images of our notebooks:

photo 09 photo 11

Our standard is the same here as it was for minerals, so I saved the stickers (and time) and did not do another standard. I also told the students that I knew each of them had some prior knowledge of rocks and I expected something on their pre post it note.

photo 10

This page is much deeper than the image appears. Each tab of purple paper opens up and shows examples, definitions, how that type of rock was formed, and where these rocks can be found most on a map for each type of rock. This requires a lot of paper, but it is worth it for the amount of information the students will get from it.

photo 12

I know the students do not NEED to know the whole rock cycle in third grade, but I like for them to see it, talk about it, and experience it (Starburst rock cycle!!!). For the SPED students, I game them a copy that was already filled in, all they had to do was glue it in their notebook.

photo 13 photo 14

This was a cute comic strip that we put in a pocket (that they still cannot seem to make on their own…argh!). I also let them color it in their spare time throughout the week (some students still do not have theirs colored…oh well!).

photo 15

Snickers plate tectonics was a HUGE success compared to last years oreo plate tectonics. Snickers is the way to go!!!

Overall, my students love rocks and have learned a lot about rocks. I am loving our notebooks as they develop and cannot wait to see the reward of a finished product at the end of the year!!!


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