Addition Notebook Entries

Our notebooks are becoming the students’ favorite part of class. On the days we don’t enter something they moan and groan is if they are being punished.

Here is what we entered for addition:

photo photo 02

Our standard, EQ, and vocabulary was first.

photo 01

Our properties of addition with examples was second.

photo 03

And word problem practice was third. This is something I added this week. I am going to try to do this each week so that they can hear me and copy my though process on solving word problems. This is a second grade word problem, but soon we will begin to do more difficult problems in our journals.

This word problem was solved using a KWL chart. I learned about this over the summer at KSU’s MSP (Kennesaw State University’s Math and Science Partnership). Have students tell you what they Know from the problem. Then as what they Want to know (the question). Then they should solve using another strategy. Last they should write what they Learned. This is a really cool strategy and they are comfortable with it!


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