As a teacher in the inclusion setting, I understand the importance and use of an IEP, Individual Education Plan. Students with special needs each have this individual plan to help them be more successful in school. These plans include details of what they are capable of, goals for the future, and ways to help them become more successful students. Currently I have several students in both of my classes with IEPs and they are working very well within my classroom. Sometimes I think all students should have an IEP.

Each person is different. We learn differently, think differently, live differently…shouldn’t we be taught differently?

Earlier this week I was reading my devotional (180 Devotions for Teachers by Susan O’Carroll Drake) and I read the passage leading up to Jeremiah 29:11:

“For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Now typically when I hear a sermon on this or read a commentary on this passage I immediately think of my husband. Kyle cannot stand when people use this verse as a promise from God for them (Truly this promise was made to the Israelites Jeremiah was speaking to). So when I read this passage I was interested to hear what Susan would comment on it.

Susan writes, “God has plans for us; they are good, important, and carefully developed plans. God assigned our individual life plans before we were born, even before the earth’s formation.”

Here are my thoughts:

  • God created me knowing everything that would happen within my life. He knows my every thought, struggle, and joy.
  • What God considers to be good may not be what I consider to be good. But His good is better than anything I can do for myself, so I must trust Him.
  • God’s plan for my life was designed for me, and He knows what will happen.

God has an ILP for me, an Individual Life Plan. He knows what I am capable of. He has goals for me and He knows what I need in order to accomplish these goals (through His strength and power of course). I may not always understand why I am going through a trial or what will happen next, but I must trust that God is all knowing, and has a plan for my life which includes the trials I go through.

I have an Individual Life Plan because I am a child of God.

Do you?


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